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"The Vaya Broqui islanders who gave you last year's Parranda have released a fine sequel, Parranda Cuatro. This musical app lets you play the cuatro, the traditional stringed instrument so beloved by boricuas."
- Julio via Your Tech Weblog @ TwinCities.com
"Now I can hear my favorite instrument without being in my favorite place (Puerto Rico). It was really nostalgic to hear the songs. It reminded me of all the parrandas I've been to."
-miguelrios via iTunes Store
"Excelente aplicación para sentirse como un verdadero jibarito. La recomiendo 100%. Yo soy boricua pa que tu lo sepas!"
- jdprods via iTunes Store


Parranda Cuatro

Celebrate the Holidays with the best companion app to Parranda!

Discover the sounds of the traditional Cuatro Puertorriqueño with Parranda Cuatro. While the original Parranda application delivered on authentic rhythmic Puerto Rican fun - Parranda Cuatro runs away with the melody. This member of the guitar family of string instruments, popular throughout Latin America, is typically used as accompaniment to popular songs. This particular variant from Puerto Rico has ten metallic strings that are organized in pairs and tuned in ascending order.

Parranda Cuatro allows you to play your own melodies using 'Free Play' mode or enjoy some of the great examples of traditional Puerto Rican melodies, including La Borinqueña, Seis Mapeye, and the Aguinaldo Isabelino. The app also includes authentic jíbaro sounds, güiro accompaniments specific to each melody, and bonus palitos (or clave) sounds - just shake your device!

Puerto Ricans are notorious throughout the world for knowing how to truly celebrate and throw a great party. Now you can be the life of ANY party with Parranda and its new companion app, Parranda Cuatro! Parranda Cuatro's repertoire of authentic music and sounds from Puerto Rico provide the perfect soundtrack to Christmas and New Year's celebrations, Three Kings Day, Trullas, Asaltos Navideños, and Family Gatherings.

When you launch the Parranda Cuatro app, you can begin playing the Cuatro Puertorriqueño in 'Free Play' by taping a string - each fret holds a different note. Select traditional cuatro melodies by touching the music note icon, then making your selection from the menu. Parranda Cuatro plays the melody for you in parts - just touch the circular fret buttons one by one as you move down the instrument.

Add more rhythm to your melodies by selecting the güiro accompaniment (each melody has its own güiro sound) and finish your songs in style by strumming (sliding your finger) across the strings near the bottom of the screen. Keep the beat going with your palitos (or clave) by shaking your iPhone or iPod touch device.

To maximize your Parranda Cuatro experience, we recommend hooking up your iPhone or iPod touch to external speakers or your home entertainment center sound system. Parranda Cuatro's high-quality recordings sound best when played through external speakers - the louder the better!


  • Melodies: Aguinaldo Isabelino, Seis con décima, Seis Mapeyé, Seis Chorreao (1 and 2) & La Borinqueña

  • Master 'Free Play' mode to create your own melodies or play some of your favorites!

  • Includes 4 authentic 'jíbaro' shout-out sounds (including a Coquí whistle)!