"Parranda has a lot of polish, too, with instruments that aren't just one big button, like some "soundboard" music apps. Already a hit in Puerto Rico, I think Parranda has a good shot everywhere, as it's a fun little app."
-Victor, TUAW.com
"Wow! Trully impressed with this app. Now I can have 'trullas' on the run. Easy to use and great for parties. This is the must have app for Xmas. Weeepa!"
-ParrandaFanLio from iTunes Store
"It's like adding 'sofrito' to las 'habichuelas'. You just made my iPhone 'sabroso' con 'sabor puertorriqueño.' Great job. Keep up the good work."
-El Coqui NuYorican via iTunes Store



The best way to celebrate the Holidays like in Puerto Rico!

Puerto Ricans are notorious throughout the world for knowing how to truly celebrate and throw a great party. Now you can be the life of ANY party with Parranda! Parranda's repertoire of authentic music and sounds from Puerto Rico provide the perfect soundtrack to Christmas and New Year's celebrations, Three Kings Day, Trullas, Asaltos Navideños, Parades, Birthdays, Weddings, Family Gatherings, and any party looking for some flavor!

Now with 6 unique instruments, 5 exclusive 'ritmos sabrosos' (savory rhythms), and a collection of 'jolgorio' party hollers to help you keep your own Parranda going 'til the break of dawn.

Launch the Parranda app, select your favorite instrument (or the Parrandator 5-in-1 multi-instrument if you can't decide!), and begin playing your own latin rhythms. Shake for maracas, slide up and down for the güiro, and tap for latin drums, trombone, clave, and cowbell sounds. Select your favorite view for each instrument (zoom in or full view).

Can't carry a rhythm to save your life? Don't worry! The Parranda app has your back! Select one of five savory rhythms from the 'ritmos' menu and play along with your favorite instrument. You'll sound like a Puerto Rican pro!

To maximize your Parranda experience, we recommend hooking up your iPhone or iPod touch to external speakers or your home entertainment center sound system. Parranda's high-quality recordings sound best when played through external speakers - the louder the better!


  • Instruments: Güiro, Latin Drums (or Panderos), Maracas, Clave (or Palitos), Cowbell (or Cencerro) & Trombone

  • Exclusive 'Parrandator' 5-in-1 multi-instrument: master this original Vaya Broqui creation and become a one-man rhythm machine - or play simultaneously with friends!

  • Rhythms: Salsa Jíbara, Latin Drums (or Pleneros), Bomba, Plena & Aguinaldo

  • New updated sounds for the cowbell and güiro instruments - they have never sounded better!

  • New 'Salsa Jíbara' rhythm track - perfect for impromptu 'soneos' (traditional improvised songs)