"Desde Cortijo y Mon Rivera ningún grupo habia logrado causar tanto impacto"
- Tite Curet Alonso, Legendary Composer
"Where would contemporary 'bomba' and 'plena' be without
Gary Núñez and Plena Libre?"
- New York Post
"...es el grupo responsable del surgimiento de la Plena."
- El Vocero, Puerto Rican newspaper
"Lo que han hecho por la plena es extraordinario."
- Eddie Palmieri, Grammy Award winning musician


Parranda: Plena Libre

Take your Parranda to the next level with one of Puerto Rico's elite latin orchestras - Plena Libre!

Founded in San Juan by bass player/composer Gary Núñez, Plena Libre is well into a 15-year voyage has seen the orchestra re-invent the sound of Puerto Rico's plena and bomba traditions. The group has recorded 13 stellar albums and garnered four Grammy nominations. Now you can bring Gary and Plena Libre along to ANY party with Parranda: Plena Libre!

This new addition to the hit Parranda application family by Vaya Broqui allows you to perform like a master musician and seasoned pro in front of your family and friends using a repertoire of original music and sounds recorded by Plena Libre. The application also includes a deluxe four-instrument kit with special all-star pro sound play areas, making it our most most fun and polished kit yet.

Parranda: Plena Libre is the perfect soundtrack to Christmas and New Year's celebrations, Three Kings Day, Las Fiestas de la Calle San Sebastián, Trullas, Asaltos Navideños, Parades, Birthdays, Weddings, Family Gatherings, and any party looking for some flavor!

Parranda: Plena Libre includes 4 deluxe instruments, 5 original expert rhythms composed and recorded by Plena Libre, and a collection of 'jolgorio' party hollers created by the band to help you keep your own Parranda going 'til the break of dawn.

Launch the Parranda: Plena Libre app, select your favorite instrument and begin playing your own latin rhythms or select one of five original rhythms recorded by the band from the 'ritmos' menu and play along with Puerto Rico's Plena Libre! Becoming a latin music star has never been easier!

To maximize your Parranda: Plena Libre experience, we recommend hooking up your iPhone or iPod touch to external speakers or your home entertainment center sound system. Parranda's high-quality sounds are best enjoyed through external speakers - the louder the better!


  • Güiro - with five new different güiro phrases

  • Latin Drums (or Panderos) - full deluxe kit includes Punteador, Seguidor, and Requinto drums

  • Congas - new to the Parranda family and exclusive to this application

  • Cowbell (or Cencerro) - with easy-access 'jolgorio' party holler sounds